The Long Break – and some interesting developments

Of all months during this year, October is the time without any presence of posts on this site which is really ironic because this very month has important Mouseke-milestones: the 61th anniversary of the show’s premiere and the birthdays of Linda, Dickie, and (most especially) Annette. I would have made posts on them but I have to admit, I wasn’t active lately mostly due to studies and the rest due to being unsure on what content to be presented here. 

For the first reason, currently I’m a tenth grade student at a prestigious all-girls’ school and studying there isn’t really a piece of cake. Given that being on the final year of junior high (I still have two more years for senior high before I go to college – the Philippine educational system is in its transition to the K-12 system and I happen to be part of the second batch to go through this) and there is a lot of requirements to accomplish, you can visualize times of me being spaced out with the piles of homework or staying up all night to finish some of them (then cramming the rest the next day – I’m admittedly not great in time management of which I need to improve on). October is the month of my second quarter periodical tests so I had to focus on those. Then I still have practices for dance production (a yearly event for the school’s Family Day held the last Saturday of October) so I tend to get pretty tired. Phew, no wonder I was really busy. 

Then regarding my second reason, I really tend to get writer’s block every now and then. Not only does this apply to my own fictional/anecdotal work (since one of my ambitions is to be an author), but in articles/posts to be presented here. For example, writing a book review is pretty tough (knowing what I promised in the previous post) because a lot of ideas that I want to present clash at times – “Should I make this a lengthy disection piece? Oh no, maybe I need to lighten up… How about just detailing things you love and hate about this book? Or I guess make it shorter? I have no clue…” – and I still need time to reread those books that I presented so I can do them justice (although I need to point this out right now – whatever thoughts presented that may seem to be unfavorable to the book/s reviewed, really come from the opinions of yours truly so again, aren’t meant to hurt the author/s). Then came the video reviews/collages/other posts that I plan to do. I have a post lined up for The Mouseketeer in Me and another for Mouseke-Spotlight, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing them as of yet. Time will tell when they will be released, so wait awhile. I just need to devote time to gather enough ideas to post here and in another medium…

So I have an idea that will hopefully sound awesome to you. What if I create a digital magazine, preferably bimonthly, about the original Mouseketeers? I thought about making one since I saw one of those made by some school, and why not I make one dedicated to them (and us, Mouseke-fans)? As of now, I created a template for the cover (which will stay constant) and some pages for a preview/test mini-issue to show whatever I plan, to be released this month. It will either be up on Issuu or (if I can) a downloadable file through zip or PDF. I still need to make definite plans.

As for the blog, I will post some lighter stuff soon, so please stay tuned with them ears!



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