Mousekebiographies, Represent! – Beyond the Ears #1

One of the great things of being a fan of the Mouseketeers is the greatness of added knowledge through different sources. When I started, my primary source for all things Original Mouseketeers was (and still is) George Grant’s OriginalMMC website. It’s quite comprehensive and informative about many aspects of the club and I get to understand a whole lot of them, especially on the cast. [A quick aside – shoutout to him for being so awesome and some kinda inspiration for this whole endeavor, for without his input (and Youtube videos) I wouldn’t have made the blogs…] I also read a variety of sources, from blog articles to some retrospectives to Youtube comments to an old site archived from the Wayback Machine. It was pretty easy, until I feel I wanted something more…

Now you may noticed that I just relied on the free Internet for information. At that time, I didn’t know how I could possibly get books on the Mouseketeers considering I didn’t have a credit card, relying on your parents for those would make purchasing not come to fruition (except for the time I asked my mom to purchase a DVD of the The Best of the MMC which came true), and things can possibly become expensive when converted to Philippine Pesos – usually Php 46 = $1. Yep, I was pretty cheap but at least I had thrills through browsing the net (not full of jello, hehe).

Somehow, time decided that I can have some books on my own. Last year was an unexpected encounter with a hardcover book on a Mouse at a thrift bookstore, then earlier this year came my virtural credit card (stored in my phone) that can pay for three more books from Amazon. Having these books (in my incomplete collection, I still aim to collect them all in some years’ time) makes me excited to read then review them, because it will be a waste if I didn’t devote some thoughts about them through my writings.

So I have four books for this batch, and in chronological order here they are:

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Annette’s autobiography, was published in 1994 some time after the revelation of her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease. This was a reflection of her life from her childhood in Utica, New York to life in Los Angeles before reaching stardom as a Mouseketeer, teen idol, and respected celebrity, until the then present day in which she involved herself in MS awareness, nostalgia, and realizations about life…

The Accidental Mouseketeer (originally released as The Confessions of an Accidental Mouseketeer) is the 2009 memoir of Lonnie Burr. This is a lengthy yet well-explored journey of a former child star, a man working through the complexities of life, and someone who would like to indulge in moments of his life…

In this 2014 autobiography that is pretty much a third of the previous author’s book in terms of the number of pages, Ears and Bubbles by Bobby Burgess sees through his life as a Mouseketeer, member of the Welk Musical Family, and other undertakings in between…

Finally, a memoir from a non-Mouseketeer, telling about a brief moment in Peter Keogh’s life when some of the Mice and Jimmie Dodd went to Austrlia for the tours in two years…

So while there are more books to read then review on, these four comprise self-explained experiences on the ins and outs of the MMC in various ways, and all of them share various insights regarding the events and people that shaped their personalities and perspectives. Each book will be granted an individual review (but not before a brief review posted before the analysis briefly describing my thoughts on that) in which I get to release my views on the material being read. As always, thoughts expressed here (unless otherwise quoted) are courtesy if my views so they are not meant to be taken as if they’re gospel and respect of reader and writer is thoroughly understood.

Not sure which to reivew next, but we’ll see…


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