Some things to say – An update

Hey guys! Right now I’m quite sick with the flu and my next article – an overview of the books related to the show that I will review sometime – will be posted within this week. I can also post a video review and a retrospective on one of the mice later on, to give you a taster on what will be coming. 

My tumblr blog hasn’t been updated, for I need to be honest here – I think that this website is more accessible and here I can write some things freely. (And gain a wider audience who cannot access much on that website, even casual readers.) I will still post things on the tumblr blog, mostly gifs of the show that I can link from posts here and some reblogged posts (also some asides if ever I’ll put there). Do not worry I’m not abandoning it, it’s still alive – just kinda inactive.

On that retrospective, the person I’ll be tackling on is someone who has only been in one season and is whom I call “my queen”. That’s enough hints for now, I want you guys to guess.

And birthday card posts? They’re going to be a staple here as a way to show appreciation to the mice and some important people. My edits are more than that… I also do collages and photo manipulations that I’ll showcase some other time.

I need to sleep now and hopefully I’ll be better…


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