A Birthday Card for Sharon -Artistic Capers #1

It’s the sixteenth of August and before I get to go back to school tomorrow after a series of class suspensions (the weather’s bad where I live, to simply put), I made myself a birthday card in honor of the tiny dancer, Sharon Baird!


Creation of the Card

I have to admit that this is rushed, but at least it turned out good. This is done using Photoshop CS3, with some leaf and feather brushes and fonts. Why feathers and leaves? The feathers are based on making a pun on her surname (bird – get it?) and the leaves feel like they suit well this card, I guess. The photo is from somewhere on the internet (I forgot which site – my apologies) which looked like this:


All I did to fix this photo is to adjust the colors to reduce the prominent reds that faded the picture and give off something vintage looking but still color corrected. Oh, the wonders of Photoshop…

That’s all for now. I better start reviewing once more on Physics… And once again, Happy Birthday, Sharon – from a dear mouske-fan.


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