How to Go About The Post

I haven’t been updating this thing in almost a month, so before I’ll do an actual proper first post I need to explain some things to be seen once this gets going. It’s going to be kinda short, hehe.

When I first thought of making this, I wanted to do something in the vein of how the episodes were shown on TV, in categorically themed days. I made this on the Welcome page, on how to publish posts in different categories, day by day… And this is how it looked like…

Yep, I thought of making posts done like that. However, I cannot possibly manage to put out something of considerable effort every single day with a lumped category, so I decied to scrap it. After all, being a busy high school student entails not much time to post that much and what names I gave aren’t very creative. I’ll still try to post at a faster rate, though not necessarily daily.

What I’ll do instead is to post in similar categories, yet not on a rigid schedule. I’ll put out the following subgroups of posts to be seen here:

  • Mouseke-Spotlight – a showcase of individual/a collective of Mice and other cast members in write-ups mostly concerning how they show themselves (and probably some theories)
  • Fun with Videos – review on many clips of the show (which can be seen on Youtube, though I’ll still provide gifs and screencaps)
  • Seek-A-Mouse – whereabouts about the cast outside of the show 
  • Artistic Capers – art/stories about the Mouseketeers either by me or others who are credited (writing is artistic…)
  • Mouseketography – pictures!
  • Beyond the Ears – reviews of work done outside the show (books, movies, you name it)
  • The Mouseketeer in Me – my views/perspectives about some things on the show, whatever they will be

There may be more of these to come, but these are the ones to look out for in this blog. I’ll start up on something tomorrow, one on videos to make this lively.

Also, you’re free to comment here. And if ever you’re wondering, I’m not affilated with the webmaster of the originalmmc site, this site is made out of my love for the show and for being such a fan.

Let Mouseketeer madness begin!


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