(There may be a sprinkling of Mousekevocabulary, but trust me this only happens rarely since we don’t live in a world where there so much words prefixed with “mouseke” or “mouseka” like that MMC skit from the reunion episode in 1990.)

So, it’s time to put this blog out there, Mouseke-readers! (Am I really pushing that prefix out?)

So according to the about that still needs some more details, this is from the same maker as that Tumblr blog and as the subtitle states, this is the place where I get to say a lot of things of most things Mouseketeers from the 1950s (the originals with Annette Funicello, for that distinction to be very clear) which means to say that there will be diversions from the main focus. What kind of diversions I have no idea yet but still pretty wordy.

I feel that a blog site like this will be a great medium to express a lot of thoughts that I want to reach out about something that isn’t familiar to most people in this current generation (of which I’m a part of, and yes I’m mostly referring to millenials though I’m pretty much at the last leg of that group, being born nearly before millenium struck) that can be of interest to them, and that many people of generations before fondly remember. It’s going to be pretty great…

Before this blog will start, I need to put out a disclaimer (of which will appear on the posts every now and then) that such thoughts that will be expressed are purely from my personal opinion, unless quoted and/or sourced by people that I will acknowledge. I understand that people have different viewpoints on several subjects and I will respect them and vice versa.

What will this blog contain? Thoughts on the Mice as individuals, reviews (and bad puns/jokes) of some skits that will have moving images known¬†as gifs (I don’t care if you’ll pronounce that as ‘jifs’ or ‘gifs’ because both are fine, though I use the former one), opinions on how to make this show reach prominence especially in this time of technological advancement, relating events pertaining to Mouseketeers in mostly my own words, stories I made up involving curiosities on the cast (really a vague way to explain that, and of which they are really fictional), and random stuff that can come out of nowhere. You’ll never know what kind of stuff will be posted, but I can assure you that this will be safe.

I can ramble for more but I’m really sleepy and I have school tomorrow (or rather, a few hours later) so let this blog rest for now.

Next up, a (belated) post on relating July 17 to the Mouseketeers on Disneyland’s Opening Day.

Before I leave, please know that The Mickey Mouse Club is owned by Disney and this blog isn’t paid for this is clearly the work of a fanatic who likes to express her admiration for this show.

Good night, fellow mice.



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